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Weekly Update 4/15/13: Halo Settings & Launch Window

Posted by aardvark09j on April 6, 2013 at 6:00 AM

Hey, my name's Joseph but here online you can call me aardvark. I am the site creator, manager, lead admin, and founder of Competitive Console Gaming, or CCG for short. I will be providing you with your weekly updates, which will often include news about the site, community, leagues, try-out dates, rule changes, etc. If you hope to become a competitor then definitely keep track of these updates which will be released every Monday. So that we can give the site time to gain some traffic and slight popularity, we will leave this update up for a few extra weeks or until the site picks up some actual traffic.

Halo Settings

So this first week, I'm gonna talk to you guys a little bit about our Halo 4 League and the settings and maps that teams will be competing with.Remember, these are the in game settings. To see our Halo 4 rules on how victories can be claimed and how teams will be competing, click on the Leagues and Games tab in the nav bar at the top of the site, and click the link under the Halo 4 section.

Okay, so, the first thing we've done with our unique Halo 4 gametype is we have increased the jump height. This will help bring a unique touch to our gametype and forced us to make interesting map designs when forging our maps. We also wanted to speed up the gameplay in general, but rather than speeding up the players' movements speed, we are using very small, arena style maps. Additionally, we have sped up the time it takes to frag an enemy. We have increased players' weapon damage by 15%. This means that it only takes four shots to the head for a kill, instead of the usual five. Because each player has the explosives armor mod and take less damage from grenades, it cancels out the extra 15% of damage so grenades do the same amount of damage that they normally would, however, their blast radius is still increased. Melee damage remains the same.

Aside from the Explosives armor mod, every player has the Resupply armor mods. As far as weapons and grenades go, players have two loadouts to choose from. both loadout has the armor mods Resupply and Explosives, and each of their secondary weapons is a magnum. As for primaries, the first loadout features a BR and 2 Frags, while the second has a Carbine and 2 Plasma Nades.

Armor abilities come into play in players' personal ordinance drops. When players receive drops, they will have a selection of armor abilities or power ups. Left on the D-pad will drop a thruster pack while right on the D-pad will drop a hardlight shield. Down will be either a jet pack or a speed boost power up. 75% of the time speed boost will be your option, while the remaining 25% will be a jet pack.

Now onto the Halo 4 maps. The majority of the maps we use, are community made maps selected from various different communities, including MLG, THFE, AGL, and CGL. The eleven maps featured are:










Status Bloom


Now as of right now, a lot of the maps are still being worked on, and they aren't on the file share yet, but they will be soon, so just hang in there if you want to download them.

Launch Window

Now unfortunately, as far as the launch window goes I am entirely uncertain when we will be able to start our first season, and it is in fact being delayed. This is because of various situations and problems I am facing, which is expected when working on any project but I will try to work around it. I had originally hoped to start up this summer, but that was probably a bit ambitious, and what not so it is most likely not going to happen that soon. Now, what I plan to do is get a Kickstarter campaign started so that I can make some money to put into this project. I hope to get, much better audio equipment, upgrades to my computer, programs like photoshop and illustrator. But I can't start that just yet and I don't want to start a season until I have some money to back up the league and the site. As far a time window, it is really unpredictable at this point but I am going to say probably around December of 2013.

So I hope a lot of you guys are really excited about the league and plan on trying out. If you are still unsure or have more questions for me, feel free to email me at [email protected], or head to our League Season and Try-Outs pages to get more info.

Halo 4 Life 

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