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Competition Rules

In our Halo 4 League we have a limited space of up to sixteen teams. 


Teams will start by competing in pre-season matches. Every Pre-Season match will be a Slayer match, which are always played to 50 kills or until fifteen minutes has run out. Each team's color will be picked by us at random. The blue color team will pick the map. Their selection their selection can be any official CCG map except for Relay. In the Pre-Season, the first four teams to lose two matches will be eliminated. The pre-season matches will continue until those four teams are eliminated. The first four matches will be played simultaniously. The teams to compete in these first four matches will be picked at random. The losers of each match will secure their spot in the next upcoming match and a chance at either redemption or failure, while the victors will always wait for their next match. The teams to face the losers will be picked depending upon which teams have played and which teams haven't. If there is a team who has not played a match yet, once the four teams have been eliminated, they will play a game against a team which has not been eliminated. This is so that every team wil get a chance to play in the Pre-Season. This game will not mean anything in the tournament but the scores will go towards the players' and teams' career stats. 


At the end of Pre-Season the twelve remaining teams will go on to the Play-Offs in which one loss results in elimination. The Competition continues until only one team is left. In the Play-Offs, the maps being played will be picked by the sight admin and head of our Halo 4 League, aardvark09j. The selected maps will be specified in e-mails sent to notify team captains of the date and time of their match, and what team they will be on. Their assigned team color will be selected at random. The team selected to be red, will host the game and select the gametype they will be playing. The options for gametypes will be specific to the maps so when selecting a gametype, be sure to read the description of the maps first. If a team does not want to play on the selected map, they can ask the opposing team if they accept to a map change. If the opposing team accepts, both teams must e-mail us at [email protected] saying that both teams accept to a map change. These e-mails must be sent before the date of their scheduled match and they must be sent to us by a team's captain. Any e-mails regarding a map change sent on the date of their match or sent by a team member other than the captain or substitute captain will be ignored. In the event that a map change is accepted, the team that suggested the map change will choose the gametype while the opposing team will choose the new map. The new map selection must be e-mailed to us prior to the date of the match.

At the end of the Play-Offs and the Final Match, the victor will claim the title of Champion. If a champion team chooses to, they have a free pass to compete in the next Halo 4 League Season, without having to participate in any try-outs. If the team is the champion their second year, they will have to try-out to get in for a third year. All teams that competed in a previous season but did not get first place can Try-Out, however, keep in mind that newcoming teams will be the priority so long as they also have the skill. For example, if a team who competed in the Semi-Finals the previous season, wins by three kills against a newcoming team, the newcomers may be picked despite who won. Athough in close game cases such as these, it is very likely the two will both be picked.

Refs and Mods

Unlike in our other online leagues and tournaments, in Halo 4 we offer teams two different ways to officially claim a victory. In CCG and other online tournaments, the primary mode of claiming an official victory is to e-mail a video of your game and the final score to our e-mail address, [email protected] and it is prefered that team captains are the ones to send us the results. But unlike in the other tournaments, it is not required that a competing CCG team has a capture card! While it is still highly recommended, and the most reliable option that teams provide evidence of their victories with a capture card, it is not required. 

As an alternative, CCG offers refs or moderators to join your scheduled matches to view the results personally! Of course, we have taken the proper precausions and measures with settings on each map and gametype that ensure that our refs and mods will not interfere with the results or outcome of your matches. However, if such and event were to occur, teams could make the collective decision, to either restart the match, request a new ref/mod, or reschedule the match. In the case that we cannot provide a new ref/mod, the match will be rescheduled with a different ref/mod in game. 

In the event that a ref/mod is requested, they will host the game rather than the previously selected team. In game, our refs/mods will be on purple team, for identification purposes. They can do no damage and cannot be harmed, therefore there is no penalty for firing upon a ref/mod, however, purposly doing so could cost their team the game.